Are you experiencing business bullies-who you going to call?

Are you experiencing business bullies-who you going to call?

Are you experiencing business bullies? Seriously, who you going to call?

Do you have an action plan?

As with most emergencies, having an action plan in advance can save a lot of stress (and expense).

You know, business sometimes can be a hard place, and not a very nice place. And I had a client just a couple of days ago calling me in absolute floods of tears, because, in their business, they had been bullied by somebody.

A person had made a false complaint against my client to get stuff for free.

My client was absolutely devastated, it just, it rocked their confidence completely. Their business is fairly new and so they wondered whether they should even be in this business because of this complaint. Although, logically, they knew that the complaint was false and they knew they had done the right thing, but they were still doubting themselves.

Other types of business bullies

Other examples of business bullies could be people:

  1. stealing your intellectual property,
  2. harassing you for freebies,  or
  3. even posting fake reviews or false complaints (often to get something from you for free in exchange for a promise to remove the review).


It is therefore that we, as small business owners, have “backup” lined up before something goes wrong.

So my client who rang me, they actually contacted me on a Sunday. I don’t normally work on weekends, but because I know him and I’ve dealt with him about something else, he knew immediately that when he had a legal emergency, he could contact me right away. He said, I said to my partner, there’s a business bully, who am I going to call? And they both said, “Call Cathryn!”

So if you have a problem with business bullies, I invite you to be in touch. Email me on or book into my calendar by clicking this link (only available to people with businesses based in Australia or New Zealand). She would love to chat to you about your IP and business legal questions.

Hopefully you don’t have any business bullies, and hopefully you don’t need me.

Book a complimentary phone call with Cathryn, Cathryn Warburton is the Legal Lioness. With more than 2 decades of experience behind her, she legally bulletproofs her client’s businesses and protects them from business bullies. She is a multi-international award winning lawyer, trade mark attorney, patent attorney, author, mentor and keynote speaker.

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