I am reviewing YMag today. YMag is the brainchild of Shar Moore, my gorgeous client.

And in this very first edition, there is– if you wanna know more about Shar, there’s an amazing article about her. She’s considered to be the Y woman, because the things she focuses on is people’s Y.

Why do they do what they do? And so there are– Here’s another. There’s more editions

that have been published. And I know that from having worked with her, I know that this was a dream

of Shar’s for many years. And what it’s turned out as is absolutely incredible. So they’re generally

amazing articles either by or about some really interesting woman thought leaders and

business leaders, but also down-to-earth people who, you know, just started their

business like any of us. And the aim of the magazine is to be–, not to be a gossip magazine,

not to be a traditional business magazine, but to be something that your teenage daughter

could pick up and be inspired by. And there I am in the magazine. Thank you, Shar.

(chuckles) There’s Patty Ann. (chuckles) So, the articles in here are really interesting,

and informative, and beautiful, and uplifting, but really, ones that will inspire you to the next level.

The people that appear in the magazine have been very carefully vetted and are limited.

And so, you won’t find any articles, or information, or even adverts, in these magazines, I’ll bring them back, that Shar has not personally said, that aligns with my values. That is a good person.

That is a wholesome topic. That is something that’s gonna make people grow and enrich their lives.

That is the only content that you will find in the YMag. And I think that it’s an amazing thing.

The feedback has been that it’s very different from anything that anybody else has produced for a long time. And these– Oh look, there’s Zahrina with Magnetic Brand.

So you’ll see in these magazines some people that you might know who have got very high-profile within the small business community, and then there might be some total strangers that you haven’t heard of before. So there’s always something interesting, something new, something innovative, something encouraging, something uplifting, but also really practical information and advice, especially if you’re a business owner. And you can subscribe to the YMag by going to YMag.com.au.

And I recommend that you do because you won’t find anything else like it. And it’s even been in the

hands of Oprah Winfrey. So it’s pretty prestigious. If you have a book that you

would like me to review, I don’t usually review magazines, this was just a one-off,

but if you have a book you would like me to review, be in touch, let me know,

because slots are filling up really quickly. My name is Cathryn Warburton.

And I am the Legal Lioness.

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Cathryn Warburton, The Legal Lioness

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