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  • 28 Aug YMag

      YMag I am reviewing YMag today. YMag is the brainchild of Shar Moore, my gorgeous client. And in this very first edition, there is– if you wanna know more about Shar, there’s an amazing article about her. She’s considered to be the Y woman,......

  • 23 Aug WOW Words – book review

      WOW Words Today I am reviewing  WOW Words on the Web, yes, WOW Words on the Web, from Elizabeth Campbell. Liz is one of my clients who is a writing guru. One of the things that she does amazingly is teach other people how......

  • 21 Aug Why Successful People Do Dumb Things – Book Review

      Why Successful People Do Dumb Things Today I am reviewing Why Successful People Do Dumb Things. This is by my client, Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, and it was published a couple of years now, I think, a couple of years ago now. And it’s subtitle is......

  • 16 Aug Turtle Needs Help – Book Review

      Turtle Needs Help My book review today is a little different. This is by my client, Luise Manning. Turtle Needs Help it is called, and it is the most gorgeously illustrated, see, gorgeously illustrated children’s book. But Luise is a passionate environmentalist, and she......

  • 14 Aug The Second Line – Book Review

        If you’re a rugby nut you will recognize this man. Sione Faumuina, there’s another image of him on the back. Sione is one of my clients who runs his own business now. But he is most well known as an excellent international rugby......

  • 07 Aug Share your Passion – book review

      Share your Passion Today I am reviewing Share Your Passion (laughing) always forget that name, by Renee Hasseldine. And I received this book as a gift when I did a course run by Andrew Eggleton, the speaking coach. He had a couple of these......

  • 06 Aug Hidden mystery behind why I become a protector

      The hidden mystery behind why I become a protector As a lawyer, that’s my job is to protect others. Clients often ask my why I became a lawyer and so I thought I would share the story of the hidden mystery behind why I......

  • 03 Aug How my biggest humiliation ironically revealed my greatest strength

    How my biggest humiliation ironically revealed my greatest strength I am a little bit uncomfortable sharing this story but I feel that it is important for people to know the “real me” and how I started out and some of the obstacles that I have......

  • 02 Aug Lawyer In Your Corner – book review

      Lawyer in Your Corner Lawyer in Your Corner. Today, I am reviewing Lawyer in Your Corner. This is a book that I have co-written with my husband and business partner, Mark Warburton. That’s us on the back there. That is not me on the......

  • 31 Jul Holy Cow! Book Review

      Holy Cow! Holy Cow! Isn’t that an amazing title? This is written by Greg Dennis also known as Farmer Gregie. He’s one of my clients, and he is just the most down to earth Aussie farmer that you ever can imagine. But he’s also......